Jubilee Head Start

Rarely a day goes by that the media does not highlight the difficulty young couples face in purchasing their first home and beginning a family. The high price of housing, compounded by the cost of living and the uncertain economic times, mean that many first home buyers are not even in the race. It challenges us as a Catholic parish to think creatively how we can assist young Catholic families as they begin their journey.

As a Catholic parish, our solution is the Jubilee Head Start. In 1942, newly married Jim and Phyllis Quinn built their home in Paddington and quickly became part of our community. Jim died in 2002 and, in March 2008, we celebrated the funeral rites of Phyllis at St Mary Magdalene’s church, Bardon. The Quinns generously bequeathed their home to our Jubilee Parish.

The Quinns’ generosity allows our Parish to creatively and constructively use our resources to help one young Catholic family to at least get a head start.

This is our attempt, as a Parish family, to assist a young couple to get a positive start at the beginning of their marriage. Basically, we will rent the Quinn house to a young couple for a maximum of 2 years. During that time they will be encouraged to save. At the end of this time we will refund their rent which, along with the money they have been saving, should go towards providing a deposit on their own first home. All we ask is that they be involved in the life of our Jubilee Parish.

Naturally we would be entering into a formal agreement and the conditions of the lease would be clearly outlined. This initiative of your Jubilee Catholic Parish is designed specifically to help a young married couple in their attempt to buy their first home and get established. It is also meant to be a positive experience of Church for them. If you think you might be eligible or know someone who might, you are invited to contact the Jubilee Head Start Committee via the Parish Office 3369 5351.

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