NET - National Evangelization Teams

NET MinistriesNET Ministries challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. Every year young Catholics donate a year of their lives and serve the Church by sharing the Gospel with young people and their families.

The National Evangelization Teams mission is to:

  • Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ through a personal witness of faith

  • Inviting young people to live for Christ

  • Forming young people in Christian character through the study and practice of their faith

  • Equipping youth workers and young adults with the ministry skills needed for evangelization

There are teams based in schools, parishes and a national team that travels around Australia. This year once again we also have a team working at the University of Queensland and are accommodated in one of our Jubilee houses. The mission of the University Team is to encounter students who have perhaps stepped away from their faith or are looking for an opportunity to continue to grow their faith in an ever increasing secular world.