Catholic Korean Community

Easter photo of baptisms with the Korean Catholic CommunityThe first known Catholic Korean Community was established in Brisbane in 1984. The Community consisted of five families who had regular Prayer Meetings at St Ignatius’ Church in Toowong. Father Carley, a Columban priest who had worked in Korea and spoke the language, met with the Group every so often but did not provide Mass. 

A number of priests came and went in a span of five years. In 1989 Father O’Louhglan started to celebrate Mass and officiated a number of baptisms and confirmation for the Community. They moved from St Ignatius’ to St Benedict’s Church at Kangaroo Point. 

Father Paul Lee arrived in 1998 and used St Joseph’s at East Brisbane as a base until the Community decided to move to St Martin’s Church in Eight Mile Plains. They finally settled at Rosalie and now use Sacred Heart Church for their Mass and other gatherings. By this time, the Community had organised different groups and were using the CMPC Hall for some of their Meetings. A second Community was also established at the Gold Coast where Father Paul says Mass every week. 

A number of Chaplains have ministered to the Korean Community after Fr Paul Lee left for New Jersey at the end of 2002 – Fr Michael Jo, Fr Joseph Kim, Fr Kolbe Ri and presently Fr Georgius Kim. Each Sunday there is mass in Korean at Sacred Heart at 10am. Everyone welcome.