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Your Jubilee Parish Family has always depended upon the generosity and trust of its members to not just budget and pay our debts but also to plan for the future.  The churches, schools and resources of our parish are a testimony to past and present parishioners.  This is the solid foundation that gives us the courage to look to the future and live out our Catholic Faith.

There are a variety of ways in which you can financially support your Jubilee Parish.

By joining the Jubilee Planned Giving programme you enable your parish to budget and meet our financial obligations. Everyone’s contribution is valued and the commitment to keep your planned giving pledge is appreciated. Importantly, because of the restoration work we have committed to undertake on our historic buildings, we can offer a 60% tax deductibility on your planned giving pledge. For more information please contact Rosemary Condon, our Finance Secretary on 3369 5351. To download the forms go here.

Ensuring that we have a regular income into the future is one of the greatest challenges facing our Catholic Parish. In response to this challenge we have established the Jubilee Endowment Fund which will guarantee income to provide services and ministries. An endowment fund is an investment fund where the capital is preserved and income is allocated annually. This means that your generosity will still be working for your parish 50 or 100 years time – a never-ending legacy! To find out more about our Jubilee Endowment Fund please contact Fr Peter or a member of the Finance Council. You can access the endowment forms here. Alternatively you can donate online to the Jubilee Endowment Fund here.

Many parishioners have remembered our Jubilee Parish in their will and we have honoured their generosity by being good stewards of their generosity. Our ability to be creative in our response to the changing needs of our community, from refugees and crisis accommodation to our Head Start initiative, has been possible through the generosity of parishioners who have gone before us. Your will is an important document and it is important that you talk with your family and also seek professional advice. If you would like more information regarding remembering your Jubilee Parish in your will please contact Fr Peter or a member of the Finance Council. Alternatively you can access information about the legal wording here.